In building muscles, bodyweight exercises are a great idea. However, most people can be turned off from the idea that bodyweight exercises involve endless reps of lifts, push-ups, planks and sit-ups. Fortunately, bodyweight training can be done anywhere, from the gym, home, work, outdoors and even while travelling! There are exercises that don’t involve you having to drag several weights around with you wherever you go! These exercises will not only target strengthening and conditioning your muscles but also, they are a great way of burning fat and calories. Besides, with these exercises, you don’t have to hit the gym every day and instead, you can do them at home making your loudest grunts unashamedly while working your upper body, core and slower body with bodyweight exercises. All you need is your bodyweight, minimal to no equipment and some time on your hands.

Who Should Do Bodyweight Exercises?

Bodyweight exercises are targeted at anyone who wants to burn calories, use and strengthen multiple muscle groups and work up their heart rate. They are also great for people who prefer weight training to cardio training and are looking to build strength and endurance without the use of fitness equipment or having to sign up at your local gym. Unfortunately, some bodyweight exercises can be unsuitable if you have health issues such as arthritis and hence, you should confirm with your doctor to know which exercises you can do safely without aggravating an existing health condition or hurting yourself, based on your medical history.

How to Do Them Right

  • Start with the Basics

When aiming to gain the most out of your bodyweight exercises, the key is to start with the basics. Squats, pull-ups, lunges, rows, jump-squats, mountain climbers and push-ups should be on top of your list and once you are able to execute these workouts perfectly, you can  move to advanced exercises.

Examples of Bodyweight Exercises

Jump Squats

These allow you to squat normally and jump up high as you come up. They help you work out your glutes, hamstrings and core muscles.

Push Ups

These begin with a plank positions, hands a little outside shoulder width. You then lower your body until your chest is nearly touching the floor then you go back to the original position and repeat. This works out your hands, shoulders, and core and leg muscles.

Mountain Climbers

This exercise begins with a plank engaging core, hand and leg\ muscles. Then, you bring your knee to the chest in a climbing horizontal fashion, return it to the original position, bring up the opposite leg and keep switching and repeating as though you are climbing but on level ground.

  • Be Fast

While most people assume bodyweight exercises should be slow, training in a fast and clean way will help you gain better results from these exercises. This will help you do more reps and stay motivated while not getting fatigued out fast by a dragged out routine.

  • Always Warm Up

A warm up will get your heart rate up and muscles warm hence avoiding injury. Warm up exercises can involve jogging, jumping rope, pedaling and other types of exercises designed to prepare you for the weight training exercise.

“… for everyone who wants to burn calories, use and strengthen multiple muscle groups and work up their heart rate.”

These warm up exercises should only make your heart rate go up and not tire you out even before you tackle your main routine! Doing so would be like filling up on bread or other appetizers and ruining your appetite and chance to indulge in the delicious main course!

  • Always Stretch Afterwards

Bodyweight exercises tend to contract and workout your muscles and hence stretching after your workout will allow you to rebuild them and prevent straining, cramping and other sorts of painful conditions that set in if the muscles are not stretched back out after the workouts.

  • Eat Right

Like all exercise demand, eating properly will allow you to gain great results from your bodyweight training exercises while at the same time helping you avoid injury. A healthy diet contributes a lot towards your success in any chosen exercise program.


  • You can work out anywhere, anytime and for free. While working at home, purchase a few simple equipment such as a pull up bar. However, for most exercises, no equipment is needed, just your bodyweight and the determination to build up your strength.
  • Most bodyweight exercises are functional fitness workouts targeting muscles in your or, lower and upper body and hence, helping you move your body properly and build better posture. This can in turn help you in becoming a better and stronger athlete and sportsperson.
  • Bodyweight exercises are great exercises to strengthen both muscles, tendons and joints and hence helps you avoid injuries by targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously and hence strengthening your body and making it more efficient.
  • These exercises not only help strengthen your muscles but also are effective in helping you burn fat, regulate your body weight and become healthier.

So, are you ready to give it a try?

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