The gym alone will not get you in shape

Do you want to waste your time chasing after workouts and don’t have the results you set out to achieve? No.

Let us show you why the gym alone is not going to get you there, and how resistance bands can help you to increase the effectiveness and regularity of your workouts. So you end up with better training and more time for the things that matter most to you.

Pick up your set of Resistance Bands


Suitable for a variety of exercises in Body Weight, Crossfit or Functional Training. Train almost every muscle group.


Add resistance ranging from 7 kg up to 54 kg to increase the intensity and support of your workouts.


Thanks to the compact size, you can take the resistance bands with you when and where you want.

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You don’t have the time to go? 

You heard the best way to get into shape is a regular exercise discipline. That is why you are committed to work out regularly, but things come up and require your attention. In the best case you make it to the gym and squeeze in that workout. Sometimes you just cut it short or you skip it completely. We have all been there and it feels bad to fail.

Your environment works against you?

 You find yourself sitting at your desk most of the day and even though it is highly recommended to take active breaks, your environment does not offer these opportunities. The gym has everything you need to work out, but the problem is that you can only get there before or after work. And when you can’t make it to the gym, you lack all the equipment and your work out options become restricted.

You are wasting time with ineffective workouts?

You want to achieve your goal, so you are working extra hard and put in more time, more repetitions. Sometimes you are just trying to make up for the other workout you missed, or the lack of equipment is limiting you to low intensity workouts. But the effectiveness of longer workouts ands more repetitions is known to be low.

That is why we have created STRONGEAR resistance bands!

They are ultra compact, durable and super versatile. And don’t confuse them with the thin and easy-to-break gymnastics bands. Our bands are strong!

Stop chasing the gym and get stronger where you are: 

  • Put in a workout at home if you don’t have the time to drive to the gym.

  • Take your favorite band with you so you can squeeze in some activity in your lunch break or when you are traveling.

  • Increase the intensity of your workouts through added resistance and save time on inefficient work out routines.

People are using them everywhere.

Muscle buiders, crossfitters, yogis, professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts all love to include resistance bands in their workouts for the obvious benefits!

Watch YouTuber Scooby as he explains why he is using resistance bands in his training.

A 5€ gift is waiting for you!

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You are most likely paying 40€ or more each month for your gym membership

If you make it 3 times per week that is about 3€ per visit to the gym

Our resistance bands can replace a whole work out and start at just 10,99€. So if you cannot make it to the gym and substitute by a resistance band workout just 4 times a year, that is already a good deal.

We guarantee that our bands work for you or you get your money back!  We offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee.